Adorable New Police Puppy Needs A Name

by : Julia Banim on : 31 May 2019 18:37
New police dog needs a name.New police dog needs a name.Cheshire Constabulary

What’s in a dog’s name? Quite a lot actually. Although it’s tempting to name a palm sized pup ‘Muffin’ or ‘Tinkerbell’, remember they will one day grow up to be big, hearty park-wolves.


My own dog was as light as a pile of cotton wool when he was a baby, with an itty-bitty squeak of a yap to match.

The name ‘Pip’ seemed perfectly suited back then to this little pipsqueak. However, he has since grown into a a sturdy hound with barks loud enough to scare away an army of postmen.

Naming a new baby police dog brings about further challenges. This precious pooch will one day have a very important and respected role in the police force, fighting crime and helping to keep civilians safe. Fluffy just doesn’t cut it.


Cheshire Constabulary have just introduced the public to their gorgeous new recruit, a baby labrador with a shiny black coat and the sort of big dark eyes which could weedle treat after treat from you.

You couldn’t deny this little girl anything in the world, and her handler must now face the challenge of not spending every moment of training cuddling her and booping her on the nose.

But first things first. This soft and strokable officer must have a name, a decision which Cheshire Constabulary have put to a public vote.

Posting on the Cheshire and North Wales Police Dogs Facebook page, officers revealed the handler was torn between two names, posing the following ‘pupdate appeal’:

TPD’s handler has chosen 2 names for her future crime fighting pup but needs your help in the final decision!

Please let us know which is your favourite – Keo or Rhea?

Although initially overwhelmed by the unreal levels of cuteness, hundreds of people have come forward to offer their opinion.

One person declared, ‘Rhea suits her down to the ground. She’s gorgeous!’, while another said, ‘Keo lovely strong name for a hard working dog but beautiful too’.


I’m personally firmly on team Keo, which feels nicer to say and apparently means ‘jewel’ according to some name sites. Just like the diamond sparkle of her coat.

However the name Rhea – which means ‘flowing stream’ – also has a pleasant blend of prettiness and strength befitting this pint-sized warrior princess.

Judging by the comments so far, the more feminine Rhea appears to be the firm favourite. However, there is still chance to have your say. Cast your vote here.

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