Adrenaline Junkie Dolphin Joins Pro Surfer In Riding A Wave


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A pro surfer has received the honour of being joined by a thrill-seeking dolphin in riding a wave.

Soli Bailey was taking in the surf off Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, when he unexpectedly gained a companion.

Fortunately for Bailey the fin that emerged out of the barrel was that of a dolphin as opposed to one of the many sharks that call the waters home.

Check it out:

That is awesome.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, 19-year-old Bailey said:

It was definitely a shock and unexpected.

Luckily I grew up in crowded surf, dodging him wasn’t much different to dodging someone’s head.

I think it is the most amazing and beautiful thing ever happen to me surfing.

I have never come this close to a dolphin on a wave, and to catch that on camera was incredible.

But Bailey did admit things could’ve gone very differently.

He added:

The dolphins were hanging around all morning so while it did feel a bit sharkey it wasn’t too bad.

If I had hit him it could have been really bad.

With the speed I was going and the weight of the dolphin we both would have been injured.

What a tale to tell the grandkids one day!