Alaskan Malamute Sits Still On Plane Seat To Accompany Its Disabled Owner

Dog accompanies owner on plane.Luer Tuan Tuan/Weibo

All dogs are precious bundles of love wrapped up with fluff and cuddles. However, some dogs take perfection to the next level and I’m not even sure how to process this one.

Video footage of a beautiful Alaskan Malamute sitting very still – on his very best behaviour – has quite rightly gone viral. The good boy had been seated aboard a China Southern Airlines flight, taking care of his disabled owner.

The caring boy is a service dog, who has reportedly been approved by medical professionals to fly alongside his owner as as a qualified emotional support animal.

His owner is said to be an emotionally vulnerable flyer, and their huge, furry best friend was permitted to be on paw to offer comfort and support.

Footage of the gorgeous dog, whose identity remains unclear, quickly went viral. The majestic boy can be seen sitting up in an airplane seat, looking quite happy as he observes his surroundings. And people have fallen in love.

One person commented that it would be the only time they wouldn’t mind sitting next to somebody on a plane, and I have to agree. Another described him as being a ‘perfect passenger’.

Check out the big, brave baby below:

🇨🇳 Complimenti alla Southern Airlines che sui voli interni permette di viaggiare anche ai cani di grande taglia 🔝🐕🐩🌏 #travel

Posted by Massimo Ceccarelli on Tuesday, 22 January 2019

As reported by Southern Metropolis Daily, China Southern Airlines told journalists:

China Southern Airlines strictly follows the Civil Aviation Administration’s ‘Administrative Measures for Air Trafficking of Persons with Disabilities’ to formulate regulations for the transportation of disabled dogs in the company.

China Southern only accepts disabled dogs who meet the transportation conditions and have the conditions for flight. Cabin, including: guide dogs, guide dogs, auxiliary dogs, do not accept pet dogs into the cabin.

For transportation requirements, please refer to China Southern Airlines official website – travel assistance – special assistance. China Southern Airlines will always adhere to the ‘people-oriented’ principle of service, in accordance with relevant regulations Do a good job in air travel support for disabled people.

I would honestly love nothing more during a flight than to pet this fluffy angel’s head. A true flying superhero if ever there was one.

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