Alligators Have Found A Completely New Way To F*ck You Up

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jul 2016 14:05

In shit-scary nature related news, evidence has emerged proving that alligators can climb trees.


That’s right, no longer is it safe to hide from the terrifying reptiles by taking refuge among the branches of a nearby tree – they’ll just follow you up there, reports the Huffington Post.

This tweet from Ronald Saracino of Cape Coral, Florida, shows one of the scheming bastards lying in wait – presumably ready to mount a devastating dive bomb attack on its unsuspecting victim…

Ronald Posted: 


And even worse than the prospect of being eaten and/or shat on by these arboreal menaces is that it actually isn’t even uncommon.

Amy Sera, an educator at the Calusa Nature Centre in Fort Myers wrote:

[Alligators] are more agile than people give them credit for. It’s common for them to climb things, such as fences, if they need to.

I’ve seen pictures of crocodiles doing that behaviour. It gives them a little bit better view of their territory.

So, what are they planning? Basically they’re surveying their kingdom, deciding if you’re a threat and then picking the perfect moment to fuck you up.

Personally, I can understand why Archer has such a problem with them.

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