Alpaca Invades Football Match In Yorkshire And Stops Play For 15 Minutes

by : Cameron Frew on : 21 Sep 2020 08:44
Alpaca Invades Football Match In Yorkshire And Stops Play For 15 MinutesAlpaca Invades Football Match In Yorkshire And Stops Play For 15 MinutesIlkley Town AFC/Twitter

A football match in Yorkshire was brought to a halt for 15 minutes due to a pesky pitch invader… which happened to be an alpaca.

We’ve all seen it happen. You’re either in the stands or watching the footy at home on the telly, when the game suddenly pauses because some drunken buffoon has sprinted onto the pitch. After a quick chase, they’re wrestled to the ground and ferried out of the stadium.


This is a little bit like that, albeit the perpetrator is far fluffier than your everyday rascal, nor was he particularly interested in the match at hand.

Check out the video of the alpaca below:

On Saturday, September 19, the West Yorkshire Premier League match-up saw Carlton Athletic go up against Ilkley Town. The match was approaching the end of its first half when Oscar, a cheeky alpaca, bounded onto the field.


According to Ilkley’s manager Simon Armstrong, Carlton, near Rothwell, is renowned in the league for having alpacas nearby its pitch.

As reported by BBC News, he explained: 

After 35 minutes it escaped, came through the entrance and proceeded to get on the pitch. The referee stopped the game. People didn’t want to go near it in case it kicked. The farmer was then called and eventually it was tempted back in the field.


While Carlton Athletic has since confirmed that there’s a number of farm animals in the vicinity of its pitch, this marks the first time one of them has escaped and caused mayhem.

Alpaca Football MatchAlpaca Football MatchIlkley Town AFC/Twitter

Carlton club chairman John Flynn added: 

I don’t know he got out, there must be a little gap in the barrier somewhere as we’ve seen some chickens here as well. Oscar’s really inquisitive, he was enjoying himself and running up and down the pitch, he wasn’t distressed – a couple of players said he was our man of the match.


Carlton fan Gavin Shoesmith told ITV News: ‘Oscar the alpaca is an avid Carlton fan and often is spotted engrossed in the games on a Saturday. This week he’d had enough after a shocking first half by the referee and decided he was having none of it and vaulted the fence.’

Alpaca West Yorkshire FootballAlpaca West Yorkshire FootballIlkley Town AFC/Twitter

After a farmer managed to get Oscar off the pitch, Ilkley went on to win 2-0 against Carlton. The clip of the alpaca has also been a huge success on the victorious team’s Twitter, racking up more than 658,000 views in just two days.

Ilkley is now considering recruiting an alpaca as a mascot for the team. Club chairman Richard Giles added: ‘I’ve been watching football and playing football 40 years and never seen anything like this… there’s a farm closer to where we are that we plan to get in touch with.’


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