Anglers Catch Huge Shark, Even Bigger One Attacks It As They Reel It In

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Jun 2018 02:20

A group of anglers accidentally caught a shark off the Miami coast, and watched in shock as an even bigger shark attacked their catch as they reeled it in. 


The prospect of catching a shark is a scary thought in itself, and I can imagine that seeing one on the end of your fish hook is quite an intense experience. Take that intensity and add in another shark going in for the kill, and the situation becomes all sorts of shocking.

Amazing footage that has recently emerged shows a group of friends who got more than they bargained for when they set out on an innocent fishing trip that very quickly turned into a deleted scene from Jaws.

The anglers were fishing off the coast of Miami in Florida when one of the women caught something on her line.


Other people on the boat can be heard suggesting the catch ‘looks like a big bull’, to which the woman responded ‘a what?’, and they answered ‘a bull shark. A maneater’.

She reeled it in, revealing the large bull shark.

The shark remained near the surface, and after a few seconds there was more movement under the water.

The group realised there was something else there, saying ‘it’s got something chasing it’.


An even bigger shark approached the boat, and the anglers screamed and watched in shock as it made its strike for their catch, biting the smaller shark’s tail off in one bite.

Watching the scene unfold, one of the people in the boat called out ‘look at the shark trying to eat that shark!’

The injured fish thrashed on the surface, blood becoming visible in the water where the larger predator had sunk its teeth in.


The bull shark continued to flap even without its tail until other sharks were drawn by the blood and moved in on the animal. The shark then disappeared deeper into the sea, but soon came back to the surface as it remained hooked on the fishing line.

The group had originally gone fishing in Florida with the intent of catching tarpons, a large air breathing fish, and were stunned at the turn of events.

Barely able to believe what they had just seen, one of the group yelled ‘Holy s***! Did you get that on camera?’

The woman who made the catch gave up responsibility of the hook holding the bull shark, handing the fishing rod over and saying ‘you take it, you take it, I don’t want any part of that’.

The group remained in shock, with one member saying ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anything quite like that’.

UPI report that the person filming the footage explained they were reeling the shark in to take photos and then let it loose, but the cannibal shark had another, more vicious agenda before the anglers could get the bull shark out of the water.

It’s official: it’s a shark eat shark world out there.

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