Angry Elephant Smashes Up Vehicles During Raging Rampage

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2016 16:27


A religious festival in India went slightly off script when an elephant lost his temper and began picking up vehicles and smashing them to pieces.


The elephant – called Devidasan – was taking part in a festival at the Bhagavathi Temple in the south Indian state of Kerala when he went on his rage fuelled rampage, reports the Daily Mail.

He took out his anger on a number of vehicles in his path and the video shows him pick up a motorbike with his trunk and toss it aside before grabbing a rickshaw and smashing it into the ground.

He then turned his attention to a nearby pick-up van, throwing it into the air three times before overturning it onto its side.


Two mahouts (elephant handlers) somehow managed to stay on Devidasan’s back throughout the ordeal but according to reports it took several hours to finally bring him under control.

Fortunatley nobody was injured during the rampage, which was incredibly lucky as the Bhagavathi Temple – one of the oldest and richest temples in India – was in the middle of hosting the four day Thalappoli festival which attracts thousands of people to the shrine.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Off he went with a thumpety-thump! Indian elephant goes on the rampage during holy festival smashing vehicles in its path