Anteater ‘Surrenders’ To Firefighters Battling Forest Fire

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An anteater was taken to safety after supposedly surrendering to firefighters battling a Brazilian forest fire.

The fires were happening in Ipueiras and, as the firefighters were tending to the flames, an anteater appeared out of the grass near them.


Concerned for the animal’s welfare, they followed the animal while working out a way to capture him.

After following it around for a short period of time, the anteater then spins rounds, looks at the firefighters and stands on his back legs with its arms wide. While it looked like it was surrendering to them (or asking them for a cuddle), apparently this is something the animals do when they think they’re in danger.

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Lieutenant Dutra, a member of the Ceará Military Fire Department, said, ‘He was scared and I think he felt threatened because he stopped, stood up and made a movement as if to make himself bigger so that we were afraid of him.’

Typically anteaters aren’t dangerous, but if you get on the wrong side of one, a swipe of its claws could really do some damage.

The National Geographic explains, ‘Anteaters are not aggressive, but they can be fierce. A cornered anteater will rear up on its hind legs, using its tail for balance, and lash out with dangerous claws. The giant anteater’s claws are some four inches long, and the animal can fight off even a puma or jaguar.’


Despite these potential dangers, the firefighters knew how to capture the anteater. After successfully doing so, they moved the little guy to a safer patch of forest away from the fires.

Dutra said, ‘We left him in a location similar to where we found him, so that he will have water and food available.’

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