Apologetic Dog Doesn’t Know What To Do After Hitting Owner

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 05 Sep 2018 12:20
apologetic dog@buttedebertha/Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered whether the adorableness of dogs could get any more adorable, wonder no more, canine lovers.

Bertha, or ‘Bertha the Brat’ to give the pup her full title, is a Bernese mountain dog and St Bernard mix, but is all parts excitable.


So excitable in fact, the poor pooch accidentally hit her owner in a playful moment which may have got out of hand…or out of paw. There are so many dogs on the internet I just don’t know any more.

What I do know is Bertha’s form of apology is possibly the best apology I’ve ever seen – check it out:

Judging by the red mark on her owner’s face, it was quite the thwack Bertha delivered. However, she’s obviously very remorseful, hiding her face in her paws after, seemingly trying to say sorry. If only dogs could talk.


Sharing the video on Instagram, many viewers were quick to point out how heartwarming it was to see the dog know it’d done something wrong and try to make up for it.

One person wrote:

Animals, both pet and wild, convey a lot; only thing we have to have is the ability and attitude to read them.

Another wrote:


Such genuine remorse is a rarity amongst us, humans

While another said:

That dog needs a hug of forgiveness


However Big Bertha isn’t the only dog to show some remorse. Beneath Walter the bulldog’s wrinkly face is a cheeky fella who knows exactly what he’s done.

When Walter’s owner, Danielle Lou, from Wigan, discovered her TV remote had been severely gnawed, she had an inkling as to who the canine culprit might be.

The remote was completely destroyed, with the first row of buttons chewed away.

Channeling her inner TV cop, Danielle filmed herself interrogating Walter, brandishing the ruined remote, enquiring:


Who did this Walter? Who did this?

You can watch it here:

Walter gazes up at his owner like butter wouldn’t melt in his floppy mouth, but his nervous demeanour gives him away. He looks around anxiously while licking his lips.

At this point, Walter appears to realise the game is up, and reluctantly – wearily – lifts his paw as a means of confession, much to the amusement of his interrogator.

Danielle told UNILAD how Walter’s extreme cuteness makes it very hard to be mad at him for long, although it’s not the first time he’s done this!

She said:

He’s just turned one… he’s one of four English bulldogs that I own. He’s a massive softie, love cuddles and snores like a trooper.

This is literally the eleventh remote he’s chewed… he can hunt them down! He’s has the cutest face ever and I hate telling him off.

She added how she sometimes gets a few ‘funny looks’ when out and about with her four beloved bulldogs:

It’s always been my absolute dream to breed English bulldogs, since being very little… I have four dogs which mean the world to me… I really am a crazy bulldog lady.

I don’t know, there are always crazier things to be Danielle! Keep up the good work.

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