Australia Is Suffering From A Flood Of Spiders

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Apr 2017 16:34

In news that’s sure to bring arachnophobes from the land down under out in a cold sweat, spiders across Australia are on the prowl for new homes.  


The mass arachnid migration has been caused by Cyclone Debbie which has battered Queensland and northern New South Wales this week and created disaster zones across a 870-mile stretch of Australia.

The resulting flooding following the storm has forced authorities to evacuate thousands but it seems that humans aren’t the only ones getting out of danger, so are all the creepy crawlies.

Residents across Queensland  have been left battling a bug based invasion as a result of the rising waters.


One man from Jimboomba just south of Brisbane, shared a video of himself covered in beetles, a centipede and worst of all spiders while other insects swarm on his floor.

Jimboomba is just one of many towns flooded by the onslaught of Cyclone Debbie, which battered Queensland with winds up to 260km/h and torrential rain which flooded most of the state’s north coast.

Spiders and bugs weren’t the only animals to be be effected by the storm, a large bull shark was discovered 20km inland, presumably the storm forced it to star in a real life Sharknado scenario.

Cyclone Debbie cut a trail of destruction across North Queensland from March 23 to March 40 and left coastal towns in ruins.

Authorities in Queensland are now facing a major clean-up as residents to come to terms with the destruction and flooding.

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