Australian Family Terrified To Discover 3-Metre Python Sliding Down Window

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 Dec 2020 14:12
Family Terrified To Discover 3-Metre Python Sliding Down WindowPeta Norton

Everything was normal for this Australian family… until they looked over at their window and saw a massive python slithering down. 

They say the itsy bitsy spider crawls up the water spout. But what about the snake? It turns out diamond pythons are keen on traversing down windows.


Over in Wyoming, New South Wales, a family suspected there may have been a python on their roof. Soon, their predictions were confirmed with a nightmarish sight outside.

Check out a video of the fearsome python below: 


Peta Norton shared footage and photos of the large serpent to the 30 Days Wild Facebook page, explaining that she and her husband had joked about having a snake on their roof for a while.


She wrote, ‘We have suspected a python may of been in our roof and tonight our suspicions were confirmed [sic].’

In the video, which lasts for more than a minute, the python makes its way down the window slowly, showing off its huge size with its diamond-patterned underbelly.

Diamond Python Peta Norton 2Peta Norton/Facebook

Peta added in her post, ‘Two metre plus diamond python. Hole has been blocked off. We have a wildlife corridor across the road. I’m hoping he [the snake] has made his way down there.’


Considering the biggest animal I’ve ever considered to be roaming my roof is likely a fat seagull, it’s a pretty sobering thought to consider a python slithering around outside one’s home.

Unsurprisingly, the footage has racked up hundreds of comments, shares and reacts. One user wrote, ‘OMG! I freak out if a slug gets in under the kitchen door.’

Diamond Python Peta NortonPeta Norton/Facebook

Another commented, ‘So lucky things like this do not happen in UK else I’d have died by now.’ A third wrote, ‘That snake has a horror movie face! I use to have a python but this is a monster!’ A fourth wrote, ‘Well that’s the next month’s worth of nightmares sorted.’


Fortunately, a diamond python isn’t venomous nor is it considered dangerous to humans – however, it can inflict a rather painful bite. They can be found all across Australia and tend to eat frogs, lizards, birds and other smaller mammals.

Diamond Python Peta Norton 3Peta Norton/Facebook

Peta responded to a few of the comments on the original post, writing, ‘I must admit even 24 hours on I am still running on adrenaline and think every second thing is a bloody snake.’

In another comment, she wrote, ‘I love where we live its so quiet and mostly peaceful except the crazy wildlife at times.’


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Peta Norton/Facebook
  1. Peta Norton/Facebook