Cheeky Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Hugging Tourist

Baby Elephant can't stop hugging touristViralHog

Animals are nice aren’t they? Elephants in particular. They’re especially adorable when we’re not trying to hunt them down and kill them for their ivory or displaying over a mantle piece above a fireplace.

I’m assuming most trophy hunters have a fireplace – if I’m wrong let’s all just agree they’re not very nice people.

But the footage below shows exactly what kind of connection we can have with animals if we show them the same love, affection and respect we show to our a fellow man (and household pets).

I’m not crying, you’re crying (also I’m chopping onions on my desk):

The footage was taken at the Chai Lai Orchid, a business which works tirelessly to rescue elephants and fight human trafficking.

The baby elephant in the video is named Suki, she became the newest addition to the sanctuary after being born there. Chai Lai Orchid is based out in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand.

As you can see in the video Suki loves being in the company of humans, presumably because the tourists who come to visit her, as well as the staff, don’t have any ill-will towards her. Thankfully she’s being brought up in a safe environment which is safe from poachers and elephant traffickers.

Baby Elephant can't stop hugging touristViralHog

On their website, the Chai Lai Orchid states:

Elephants are majestic and easily captivate our imaginations and our hearts. Some people watch an emotional 30 second video of facebook and feel their passion makes them experts of elephants.

But if we are to protect elephants it’s very important to understand facts such as their biological needs, history, legal status and cultural context.

In Thailand elephants are endangered and in a precarious uncharted situation between wild and domestic animals.

As well as caring for and protecting elephants they also work to stop the exploitation and trafficking of women in Thailand. They work alongside the organisation Daughter Rising Programs, each year young mothers and at-risk girls participate in their programs which teaches English, Thai and computer skills, seminars on women’s health, trafficking and their rights.

Baby Elephant can't stop hugging touristViralHog

Chai Lai Orchid says:

Because the trainees women are living below the poverty line, they cannot spend their days attending classes when there are mouths to feed, so the Chai Lai Orchid pays each one a fair wage in addition to education expenses, medical supplies and providing food and housing. 100% of our proceeds fund Daughters Rising Programs.

If you would like to find out more about the Chai Lai Orchid’s work click here.

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