Baby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree After Travelling Almost 200 Miles

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Nov 2020 08:43
Baby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree After Travelling Almost 200 MilesBaby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree After Travelling Almost 200 MilesRavensbeard Wildlife Center

People travel from all over the globe to visit the world-famous Rockefeller Christmas tree, and it turns out animals travel far and wide to see it too. 

One animal in particular was this baby owl, later named Rockefeller, who travelled almost 200 miles to New York City after hitching a ride on the truck carrying the huge tree to its new home at the Rockefeller Center.


The tree was being transported from Oneonta to New York City and, upon its arrival at the building in Manhattan, Rockefeller the Saw-whet owl was found nestled in the tree’s branches.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Following the discovery of the baby owl, the tree transportation company contacted Ravensbeard Wildlife Center to ask if they took in owls for rehabilitation, The Guardian reports.

Fortunately, the non-profit organisation confirmed that it did take in owls, so set about bringing Rockefeller to the centre.


The wildlife centre took to Facebook on Tuesday, November 17, to tell the story, which has since been shared over 7,000 times.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Part of the post read:

Ravensbeard is excited to share a rare Holiday story with you. Yesterday morning, I received a phone call from someone who asked if we take in owls for rehabilitation. I replied, “yes we do,” there was silence for a moment and she said “OK, I’ll call back when my husband comes home, he’s got the baby owl in a box tucked in for the long ride.”


The post continued, ‘She lived about an hour south so we met in the middle to do the transfer. Once secured, I peaked in the box and saw this little face looking up at me. He/she was a little Saw-whet owl, the smallest owls we have in the northeast. All baby owls are born in the spring so the idea that there was a baby owl in November didn’t make sense.’

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

After making the exchange with the thoughtful woman, the centre gave the small bird fluids and fed him ‘all the mice he will eat’. It had been three days since Rockefeller had eaten or drunk anything.

Despite this, Ravensbeard Wildlife Center said the bird was in ‘relatively good condition’ and confirmed that once the vet gives it the green light, Rockefeller will be released back into the wild.


I’m sure Rockefeller’s rehabilitation will fly by and he’ll be heading back home in no time.

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