Beach Evacuated After Aggressive Cows Invade And A Man Is Attacked

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Aug 2021 18:35
Beach Evacuated After Aggressive Cows Invade And A Man Is AttackedPA Images

Locals were told to moove away from the beach after angry cows invaded and left a man in hospital. 

Residents on the island of Corsica have been forced indoors on a number of occasions in recent months, as wandering cows descend upon the beaches and wreak havoc with anyone who stands in their way.


Mayors and local authorities in the region are fed up with the marauding cattle, with some people sustaining serious injuries after tangling with cows.

As reported by The Times, a French tourist in his late 50s was gored by a cow earlier this month after reportedly annoying a herd by taking up a spot in which they usually congregate on the beach at Lotu, on the north Corsica coast. It was the second attack in the village this year, with their horns damaging his neck.

Just last week, cows pursued people down the main street in Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano, between Propriano and Porto-Vecchio. Last month, a 70-year-old woman was attacked by a cow as she was hanging her clothes out to dry, and was later flown to hospital with a leg injury.


The cow population has been rapidly growing in recent years, and is now believed to be at 15,000 across the island. While half belong to farmers, the others are considered wild.

Public access to certain beaches has been prohibited due to the ‘risk of accidents with wandering cows… tourists laugh at this as folklore and take pictures, but it’s a real pest’, a local councillor said.

‘The lady was wounded two centimetres from the femoral artery. If this goes on, there will be deaths,’ François Acquaviva, the mayor of Lozzi, told the Corse-Matin newspaper. Three years ago, a mayor of a village south of Bastia shot and killed a cow after it injured a council employee.


It’s proving difficult to enforce any laws to ensure the control of cows, with Ange-Pierre Vivoni, president of the association of mayors of Haute-Corse, saying mayors were responsible for any injuries or damage. ‘It’s a problem that is enduring and getting worse,’ he said.

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