Beachgoers Baffled By ‘Alien Sea Creature’ Washed Up On Shore

alien sea creatureUniversal Pictures

Pretty much everyone has dreamed of an alien invasion, either so they can blow extra terrestrial heads up, or so they can become best buds in an E.T. style friendship.

But if it actually happened, it’s safe to assume that everyone would actually be scared as fuck and wouldn’t have a clue what to do.

So when this British beach looked like it was infested with little interstellar insects, it’s not hard to imagine how scary it would be.

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When photographer Lara Clarke-Wardle came upon the scene, she first thought she had found an alien sea creature.

SWNS/ Lara Clarke-Wardle

It turns out they are goose barnacles, rare sea creatures that attach themselves to hard surfaces.

If you’re wondering whether you can eat them, yes you can.

They’re actually an expensive delicacy in Spain and Portugal.

Lara found them in North Devon whilst she was rock-pooling.

alien sea creatureSWNS/ Lara Clarke-Wardle

Lara said:

There was one individual strand and I couldn’t figure out what it was, I’d never seen anything like it.
We carried on walking and we found one huge log that was covered in all these strange things. It looked really alien, like it was one living entity.
It’s really weird, it looks like its come from the deep depths.
I posted some photos online and someone said it’s a goose barnacle that has become detached from an old shipwreck from the seabed.

alien sea creatureSWNS/ Lara C

If anyone spots Men In Black skulking about the North Devon coast, let them know there’s nothing to see here.

Goose barnacles aren’t really something I’d immediately think about eating, but then again neither are mussels or oysters and they’re delicious.

Throw another goose on the barbie!