Beagle Who Lost Her Puppies Adopts Abandoned Baby Possum


Warning: be prepared to cry into your cup of tea while reading this article. Otherwise, you better stop.

No seriously – click off this page, turn your phone off, and go watch some cute dog videos on Instagram or something. Actually, if you’re anything like me that’ll make you cry too, so you might as well carry on reading this.

‘This’ being a story about a beagle and a possum who’ve formed a special bond after the dog lost her litter of puppies shortly after giving birth to them. I did warn you.

As reported by 9News Melbourne, Molly the beagle was heartbroken after losing her entire litter of puppies shortly after giving birth to them.

But then, just days later, a baby possum jumped on Molly’s back and made herself right at home – and the pair have been ‘inseparable’ ever since.

Despite the two being completely different species, the bond they have is extremely special, made even more so by the fact the possum is thought to have been abandoned by her mum.

Molly’s owners, Elle and Sarah Moyle, from south-west Victoria, told 9News, although they’re an ‘unlikely pair’, the two clearly depend on each other:

They’ve been inseparable ever since. They’re an unlikely pair, and I think that possum thought Mol was her mother and vice-versa.

The family live on a cattle farm, which is quite difficult territory for a baby possum. Rather than leaving her behind though, Molly just lets the possum – which the family have nicknamed ‘Poss’ – ride on her back.

They make the most adorable pair; both rely on each other and seem to be more than content when in each other’s company.

Sara explained how Molly’s mood has improved since taking in the possum:

It’s certainly uplifted her mood, they both needed each other I think, so it’s been a fantastic relationship.

They’re not together all the time though; as she’s nocturnal, Poss spends most of her days sleeping in the trees around the property. But she never goes far.

And Molly doesn’t let her out of her sight either, as her owners say she still keeps an eye on her best friend when she’s asleep.

Elle said:

Molly just sits under the tree where she’s sleeping and just waits for her.

Although it’s not known how long Poss will stick around, I’m keeping everything crossed the pair can continue to be the best of friends.

I’m not crying, you are.

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