Bear Charges Mountain Bikers During Ride In Incredible Footage

Dušan Vinžík/YouTube

This footage captures the ultimate close encounter of the grizzly kind. 

A pair of cyclists were faced with a wild bear as they tackled a hair pin turn on a trail in Slovakia – and their BikeCam caught the meeting of man and nature.

The mountainous woodland of Malinô Brdo in Slovakia offers great cycling terrain, as long as you can avoid getting eaten by a big brown bear, as Dušan Vinžík discovered recently.

Dušan Vinžík/YouTube

Vinžík and his cycling buddy, who remains unidentified, were speeding down through the woodland trail – carving up the natural habitat of wild animals – and are taken aback when a bear runs out of the trees.

The bear, happily gambolling about, crashes out onto the path with all the carefree grace and style of Phoebe Buffay running through Central Park.

You can watch their encounter in the clip below, via YouTube:

Needless to say, the cyclists shit themselves at the sight of the playful – but undoubtedly deadly – animal. They quickly stopped to avoid meeting the bear again beyond the bend, barely (ahem) escaping.

The video is now trending on YouTube so everyone can share in their close shave from behind the comfort of their desktops.