Bear Steals Massive Package Of Dog Food From Family’s Front Porch

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Aug 2019 13:18
Bear steals box of dog food from porchBear steals box of dog food from porchJon Meyer/Facebook

Delivery drivers in Thornhurst, Lackawanna County should be advised a front porch is not a safe place to leave a parcel because apparently bears are quite the little thieves. 


It’s probably best if packages aren’t left out in the open regardless but a human is definitely easier to shout at than a bear should they get caught trying to steal anything.

WNEP news anchor Jon Meyer shared footage of one of the mischievous animals on Facebook yesterday (August 22), explaining it had stolen a box of dog food from the Newman family.

Check out the sneaky bear in action:


The animal had presumably spotted the package from the woods which surround the house and although there were a number of boxes to choose from it was likely enticed by the smell of dog food coming from within its chosen parcel. Because why bother seeking out your own food when there’s a nice pre-prepared meal sat right there?

The fact the box was the closest to the stairs, making for a swift escape, was probably just a bonus.

The video showed the determined bear sinking its teeth into the box before it began to back slowly down the stairs. As soon as it reached flat ground the thieving animal picked up the pace and scampered into the woods with its loot, no doubt proud of the successful mission.

Bear steals package of dog food from porchBear steals package of dog food from porchJon Meyer/Facebook

Once inside the woods the bear appeared to drop the box and disappear out of sight, though it’s possible it was simply obscured by trees while figuring out the best way to tear through the cardboard.

Bears often raid rubbish bins outside people’s houses in an attempt to find food, so having a meal hand-delivered to the animals’ local area is a luxury in comparison!

According to Meyer, after realising they’d been bested by a bear the Newman family contacted Chewy.com, an online pet food and product retailer and the maker of the stolen dog food, to show them the video.

Chewy offered to send the family a replacement box for free – though let’s hope it won’t be left out on the porch this time.

Black bearsBlack bearsPixabay

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) estimate there are approximately 20,000 bears in the state and explain that while three species of bear inhabit North America, only the black bear is found in Pennsylvania.

It’s likely the little animal in this video will have risked returning to the scene of the crime after successfully stealing the box, as the PGC website adds once bears find easily accessible food sources they will keep coming back as long as food is available.

Unfortunately for the bear, however, I’m sure the Newmans will have learned their lesson when it comes to having tasty treats left on the porch. Hopefully it will manage to find a way to get snacks in future that doesn’t run the risk of human confrontation.

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