Bear Surprise Attacks Female TV Presenter In Brutal Video


A bear has attacked a TV presenter while she hosted a show, ironically, about the dangers of wild animals.

The shocking video, which was filmed by a member of the backstage crew on the Russian TV show Pro Lubov, shows the moment the brown bear lashes out at a passing young woman.

The bear known as Bonya, who was wearing a bright yellow and red suit along with a muzzle, was performing a number of simple tricks for the audience, The Daily Mail reports.

Unfortunately for the young woman involved in the incident she didn’t realise that, as well trained as the bear was, it felt frightened so when she approached it from behind it swiped at her.

Bonya’s sharp claws got caught in the woman’s clothes and with its powerful strength the bear pulled her to the ground.

Thankfully Bonya didn’t pursue his attack instead seeking comfort in the arms of his handler who berated the woman, shouting he’d told people not to approach the bear.

The woman, who wasn’t seriously hurt in the attack, was left sobbing and apologised for approaching the wild animal.

Everyone’s favourite moral arbiters PETA have criticised the use of live animals on television in the past saying that when they aren’t allowed to hibernate they can become irritable.