Beautiful Humpback Whales Swim Right Up To Canadian Lodge

Humback whales swim to canadian lodgeGreat Bear Lodge/Instagram

A group of beautiful humpback whales swam right up to a lodge in Canada and gave their onlookers a show. 

In an incredible and dramatic scene captured on camera, a collection of humpback whales made an appearance just off the edge of the dock of a lodge in Canada.

A group of onlookers watched excitedly from the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, British Columbia as the whales splashed around in the water.

Watch the breathtaking footage here:

The Great Bear Lodge already seems like a beautiful place to be – it is described as a ‘floating lodge’ in ‘the sublime Great Bear Rainforest’ – but on Monday morning (August 6), the scene had an extra special addition.

Presumably having spotted what was happening, the visitors at the lodge gathered on the dock and were literally hopping with excitement as they realised that they were about to see humpback whales up close.

A circle of bubbles in the water indicated the presence of the whales, and four women stood on the dock waiting with anticipation for the creatures to burst out of the ocean.

The onlookers remained silent, probably praying that the whales didn’t make a speedy escape, but had their cameras at the ready.

Whales swim up to Canadian lodgeGreat Bear Lodge/Instagram

One of the women pointed towards the water, and seconds later two humpbacks burst from the depths. The viewers were understandably amazed, with one putting her hands on her head in awe.

Two of the women high-fived at their luck, and turned back to the water just in time to see the whales rise up one last time before dipping back into the sea.

The lodge’s Instagram page posted about the spectacular event.

The caption read:

What an amazing morning – humpbacks came for breakfast! We’ve never seen them this close to the lodge before, and so fantastic to see them bubble netting. Nearly as good as the whales was the reaction of our guide, @Marlosha, who was pretty excited! The guests didn’t mind being woken up for this.

Even through a camera lens the view is extraordinary, and people have been sharing their amazement of the video.

One person wrote:

Omg what a blessing!! So beautiful!!

Another added:

unbelievably beautiful I’ll have to make it a goal to visit

Despite the still-spectacular views surrounding the lodge, the sight of the whales probably made rest of the group’s day seem very dull in comparison.

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