Best Friends Toddler And Dog Play Fetch Over Fence


There is no barrier strong enough or tall enough to stop a toddler playing with his new fluffy best friend – as this video will show. 

A video of a toddler playing fetch with a dog over a fence proves that there is still fun and innocence left in the world.

The city of Savage, Minnesota, should change its name to Adorable, Minnesota, in honour of this delightful two-year-old’s relationship with a neighbour’s dog.

Father Chad Nelson posted the video of his son Conway throwing a ball high over a fence for an excited dog waiting patiently on the other side, like a good boy.

The boy ran onscreen and picked up the ball, presumably after having established the game, before throwing the ball over the fence which is taller than the boy himself.

On the other side of the fence, a dog could just about be seen running to fetch his toy, then his head popped up over the fence and he obediently dropped the ball back down onto the boy’s side.

The video was posted by Chad Nelson, with the title ‘Fence Can’t Stop Two-Year-Old From Playing Fetch With Dog’.

Watch it here:

The undeniable cuteness of the video scored it over 10 million views and 800,000 likes in just two days.

Erin Richter recorded the video, and explained the boy had been on a play date with her own son at her house when Conway started the game of fetch.

Erin told BuzzFeed:

My son and Dozer play every time they are both outside.

Dozer would play forever but my son usually stops when the ball gets full of slobber. Sometimes Dozer will bring a new ball over then to keep playing.

What a clever dog, he just loves to play.

People viewing the video are of course being swept off their feet with happiness, with many people posting their appreciation and love for the boy and the dog.

One person wrote:

OMG….I love this so much, the little guy and pup playing ball…..and over the fence??? Thank you!!!!

Another added:

This made my day completely and I’ve watched it several times over the last couple days and it restores my faith in humanity and gives you a nice slice of joy and happiness to show that light does shine through the clouds.

This is a beautiful shining example that I hope the world can see and it’s great to see this particular post receiving so much attention and retweets because it’s exactly what the world needs more of. This is pure happiness in its simplest form.

Who knew something as simple as a dog fetching a ball would bring this much joy?

Well, everyone did. Because dogs are adorable, and throwing a toddler into the mix just takes the delightfulness through the roof.

Way to go, Conway and Dozer!

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