Bird Saves Its Friend With ‘Kiss Of Life’ After Flying Straight Into Window


This is a story of resilience, friendship and never giving up, however desperate the situation looks.

A tiny bird came to the aid of its friend by giving it the ‘kiss of life’ after it flew into a window (standard bird mistake).

In the heartwarming video, the injured animal is frantically flapping around its pal in an attempt to revive it.


It looks like this tale is going to end badly, but it refused to give up on his friend and didn’t want it to suffer a similar fate to many a bird out there.

So it gives its mate the kiss of life in a serious last ditch attempt to save him and finally the birds hard work pays off as it regains consciousness and starts flapping its wings.


Just a few seconds later, the bird gets back on its feet like nothing ever happened.

The cute video – filmed somewhere in Saudi Arabia – was shared on yesterday and has been viewed almost 50,000 times.

Lesson learned – never leave a good bird behind.