Bizarre Footage Shows Cat Fight Snake That Is Being Eaten Alive By Toad


In one of the most bizarre encounters we’ve seen for a while, footage has emerged of a cat fighting a snake that is being eaten by a toad.

The video seems to originate from Thailand and in the footage, the cat can be seen approaching the snake as it writhes around with its tail in the toad’s mouth, reports the Daily Mail.

Whoever is filming can be heard egging the cat on as it reaches out and bats the snake on the head.

The snake – probably not best pleased at being both eaten and attacked form opposite ends – snaps aggressively at the cat before the battling duo move nose to nose.

At one point it looks like the cat gets a bit of a bite on the nose from the struggling serpent as it then becomes a little more unsure whether to attack again or not.


The toad on the other hand, seems pretty uninterested by the whole thing, remaining motionless while casually enjoying his wriggly meal.

However, suddenly it springs to life and the clip ends with the toad suddenly forcing another chunk of snake into its stomach.

It’s fair to say the toad was the only one who did well out of this really…