Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog Puppy

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Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog PuppyCaters

A blind golden retriever has got his own guide dog puppy, and if that doesn’t melt your heart then nothing will.

11-year-old Tao lost his eyesight last year after being diagnosed with glaucoma. This prompted his owner Melanie Jackson to find a furry friend to guide him around.


Melanie, from Somerset, UK, has since welcomed 16-week-old Oko to the family and found that he’s the perfect companion for Tao.

Check out the cute pair in action here: 


Speaking about Tao’s diagnosis last year, Melanie said:


Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma – a common eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, becomes damaged – when he was 10-years-old.

It all happened so fast as he was fine in the morning but on the evening he was shaking his head which suggested he is in pain. Five hours later, he was blind and his eye was removed!

We were told his second eye will need removing too, but we were able to control the pressure for a few weeks by applying eye drops.

Prior to his second eye being removed, Tao was amazingly taught new commands so the golden retriever would be ready for when the day came.

guide dogCaters

Following his surgery, Melanie said Tao is as happy as ever and still confidently walks without his lead, though Melanie also felt something was missing for her four-legged friend.


Blind Golden Retriever Mistaken For Guide Dog Has A ‘Guide Human’

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She continued:

We were pleasantly surprised when Tao began walking up and down the stairs just three days after his operation, but I just felt like he needed a buddy to help him and play with him now that he can no longer see.

We got Oko from the same breeder at eight-weeks-old and they have formed the sweetest bond. Tao follows him around the fields and they sleep with each other.

Melanie is now in the process of training Tao to follow Oko so he doesn’t get in the way of any danger.

guide dogCaters

Before getting Oko, Melanie set up an Instagram page for Tao, who she dubbed ‘Mr Winky’ before he was completely blind. As well as sharing cute pictures of Tao, she has documented the process of welcoming Oko to the family as well. The page now boasts over 14,000 followers on social media.

You can keep up to date with adorable duo’s antics here.

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