Brave Border Collie Loves Going Basejumping With Daredevil Owner

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The jaw-dropping moment a man parachutes from a cliff alongside his adventurous dog from heights of over 2,000 feet has been caught in breathtaking footage.

Daredevil border collie Kazuza has previously completed a staggering 40 base jumps during his six years on Earth so far, and appeared to show no fear as he and his owner, Bruno Valente, 38, leapt from the cliff edge.


The hair-raising video shows Bruno and Kazuza bracing themselves for the steep jump; sailing through the air before celebrating their safe landing with a sweet high-five.

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The daring pair plunged from the cliff in the scenic village of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, with the remarkable footage captured by their friend and filmmaker Jokke Sommer, 33.

Jokke, who is originally from Norway, befriended Bruno during his time living in Portugal. A former Red Bull Athlete, he now travels all across the world as an athlete for Uprising.


According to Jokke:

Kazuza has done many jumps – he’s the luckiest dog in the world. He’s very well trained and has a lot of trust in Bruno.

The moment when he sees all parachutes, he makes a lot of noise and looks really excited. But he has fears too, of course.

You can see when he’s looking over the edge he’s thinking: ‘This one is huge’! You can see that he’s reacting to it [the height] – but he’s not fighting against it.

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BASE is an acronym which stands for four types of fixed objects from which a person can jump: building, antenna, span, and earth (cliff).


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It is often considered to be amongst the most dangerous extreme sports an individual can partake in, on account of the low altitudes. However, gutsy Kazuza looked quite at home as he drifted through the air with his human; beaming from ear to ear.

Speaking in the footage, Bruno explained how he had become inspired to take his furry best friend along on jumps:

The only time I didn’t spend with [Kazuza] at the beginning was when I started to BASE jump. A bunch of times I couldn’t jump as I had nobody to take care of him, so that’s when the idea came.

I found a harness – super safe – and I tried to see his reaction when I put it on and went to the ledge. He seemed pretty comfortable. Since then we jump together – he has done around 40-something jumps with me.

It’s thought Bruno and Kazuza jumped a heart-stopping 700 metres (approximately 2,300 feet) together.

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You can find out more about Jokke’s adventures on Instagram or on YouTube.

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