BREAKING: ‘Armed Police Hunt For Escaped Gorilla’ Ends Successfully

4200132740_0a9305121a_oMatt Brown/Flickr

A gorilla has reportedly escaped from its enclosure at London Zoo, forcing guests to take shelter inside a cafe while armed police are on the scene.

As reported by the BBC, ZSL London Zoo has claimed it is ‘managing an incident’.

It is claimed the guests were locked in the cafe by zoo staff at around 17:10pm BST.

A London Zoo employee has been reported by Buzzfeed as claiming the gorilla is a silverback named Kumbuka.

The worker went on to describe said gorilla:

He’s a fucking psycho, that ape. He’s smashed the enclosure glass a couple of times.

One vistor by the name Brad told the BBC that armed officers were seen within the zoo by visitors.

He said:

As we were waiting we saw police turn up with lots of guns.

Visitors have since been allowed to leave the premises.


According to The Mirror, the escaped gorilla has reportedly been subdued with a tranquilizer dart.