Brit Tourist Taunts Bull During Festival, Immediately Regrets It

Tourist regrets tormenting bull.CEN

There are certain animals on this planet you definitely should avoid peeing off if you want to keep all your limb intact.

You shouldn’t sass a shark, tease a tiger and you absolutely 100 per cent should not – under any circumstances – bother a bull.

Now, this piece of wisdom had apparently failed to reach the ears of one English speaking tourist, who decided to taunt a bull during a bull run in Spain.

Needless to say, the enormous, horned creature was not having any of it, and saw red big time…

Bull run in Valencia.CEN

The incident in question took place in the the eastern region of Valencia, in the village streets of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

Here, locals were celebrating the ‘bous al carrer’ festival, which translates as ‘bulls to the streets.’ Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, this festival involves bulls released into the streets of villages in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia.

Horrifying footage – from two separate camera perspectives – has now emerged which shows exactly why it is always best to respect the power of these majestic beasts.

You can watch the shocking footage for yourself below:

Standing on a wooden platform elevated above the street, the 45-year-old unnamed English speaker/cameraman appeared to have a false of security as the enraged bull approached.

In hindsight, you can practically see the cogs turning in the bull’s head. He hurried towards the platform, observing it with interest before stepping backwards.

At this point, the bull began to scrape his mighty hooves against the road; preparing to charge. The tourist then waves his hand at the furious creature, as if he were a simple cocker spaniel looking to hop on the sofa.

But bulls are not to be toyed with, and this animal reacted by leaping onto the platform. At this point the scene is plunged into chaos. The camera movements become erratic as the man find himself the target of the bull’s ire, and screaming can be heard.

Bull pounces on man.CEN

The next piece of footage is filmed from a distance and captures the exact moment the bull takes to the platform, exacting his fury on the tourist.

The bull knocks the man form the platform with ferocity, tossing him this way and that with his horns as people all around shout in terror.

Local media have reported how this man suffered severe bruising as a result of the attack. He was attended to at the scene by emergency services before being moved to a nearby hospital.

Bull attacksCEN

We wish this man a full recovery and hope others will avoid taunting bulls in the future.

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