Bull Destroys 4×4 During Run, Terrifying Passengers Inside


A bull destroyed a car while it took part in a run at a Spanish bull festival and the passengers inside were left terrified. 

A shocking video of a bull charging down streets during a Spanish bull festival in the province of Guadalajara shows the animal attacking an occupied car at the side of the road.

‘Running of the Bulls’ festivals are popular in Spain and Portugal, and involve people running away – by choice – from a bull that has been let loose on the streets.

The animal skidded into one car while people involved in the run whistled and shouted. The bull then continued to run down the road while the spectators jumped from their parked vehicles and followed it.

While at first looking like it would run straight past the parked 4×4, the bull suddenly turned and butted the car while spectators continued to whistle.

Watch the ordeal here:

Passengers inside the car started to move in panic as the bull got one of its horns under the car and lifted the front of it off the ground, dropping it back to the floor with a popped tyre.

The animal paused for a moment, but only seemed to get more enraged by the whistle and shouts of the people watching the scene, and continued to ram the vehicle.

Someone threw a flag towards the bull, possibly to turn the animal’s attentions from the occupied car, but with no avail.

The bull’s horns pierced through the metal of the car and liquid started to gush from the engine above the tyre while it continued to attack the car.

Eventually, the bull turned away from the 4×4, and spectators further up the road appeared to encourage the animal to pursue them instead. The bull then moved away from the car.

Bull attacks 4x4ViralHog

The ordeal lasted about 20 seconds, and no doubt left the passengers in the car absolutely terrified.

The whole ‘Running of the Bulls’ celebration seems like an entirely unnecessary event in the first place, but surely if you’re going to watch something which involves large-horned animals you should park out of range?

The footage has emerged only days after the revelation that 28 people were injured during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona this year.

The festival lasts seven days, and according to Sky News the 28 injuries were all independent of each other, with six people getting injured on the final run of the festival.

A spokesman with with Navarra’s provincial hospital, Tomas Belzunegui, confirmed the injuries that had occurred on the final run, which was the fastest of the festival.

The six that were injured were trampled during the run.

Horrifically, one of the injured had to be taken away by a stretcher after he was dragged for several metres by one of the bulls when his scarf got caught on his horn.

I think people need to learn from these stories that letting bulls loose and encouraging them to chase you is not the best idea.

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