Bulls Filmed Killing Each Other In Barbaric Display



This is the harrowing moment two bulls died after charging head first into one another at a bullfighting event in Northern Spain. 

As the video shows, the bulls, who were scheduled to face a Matador later that day, ran at a good pace into one another before they both slumped dead to the ground in synchronisation, reports the Daily Mail.

The bulls reportedly weighed around half a ton each and with that much weight behind them it’s easy to see how they killed each other upon impact.


The arena where they died was in Sangüesa, Navarra, Northern Spain, at a festival not too dissimilar to the one in Pamplona – where festival goers sprint in front of charging bulls – earlier this year.

This brutal incident took place just a matter of months after a few high profile bullfighting accidents in Spain.

Back in July, one of Spain’s most prominent young bullfighters, Victor Barrio, became the first bullfighter to die in the ring since 1985 when he was gored in the chest by an 87 stone bull.

Victor had tried to attract the bull with what is known as a muletazo manoever, but when the bull made a quick and unexpected left turn, one of its horns pierced Barrio’s chest and the bull sent him hurtling to the ground.

The bull then gored him in the chest yet again before it was eventually chased away, however it was too late.

Victor was carried out of the ring but was pronounced dead almost immediately.