Can You Help Reunite This Dog Left On Bus With Owner

Abandoned-dog (1)Facebook/Amos Paul Mak

A social media appeal has been launched to track down the owner of this poor pup who was abandoned on a London bus yesterday.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was discovered by staff, just sitting quietly in the wheelchair area of the 158 bus through East London- completely alone.

The driver of the bus decided to post a picture of the dog on Facebook to try and find the owner, adding that he’d offered to take it home but wasn’t allowed to.

And apparently to make matters worse – due to company regulations – the dog had to remain on the bus.

The driver – Amos Paul Mak – said:

[The dog is] Affectionate enough but scared. Tried to move it onto another bus as the one it’s on is needed in service, [but] he won’t budge. Loves being rubbed around the head nice enough fella. It won’t move, it will stay on that bus til morning. I’m not allowed to take him in case he bites.

The image has since gone viral, with people all over social media sharing pictures of the abandoned dog in hope of reuniting it with their owner.

Speaking to the Standard, a Transport for London (TfL) spokesman said police and the RSPCA were called but neither were available to come out.

The dog is now being taken care of by Newham Council’s animal welfare team while they’re trying to locate its owner.

This happened last night in Leytonstone. Poor soul was left on the bus. Please repost #lostdog #leytonstone

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If anyone recognises this dog, please contact their team on 020 8586 9739. Let’s get this pup back home safe and sound.