Can You Spot The Two Snakes Hiding In This Living Room?


I’m sure Australia is one truly incredible country but it has to be said, they’ve got some seriously terrifying shit down under.

I’m talking spiders, snakes, crocodiles, and venomous centipedes. The sort of grissly shit that just has to look at you and you’ll catch some sort of bubonic plague-esque fatal illness.

What I’ve said already is, essentially, common knowledge – but if the terrifying reality of Aussie critters needed to be stressed a tad more then Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 are here to fill the void.

These snake catching pros took to Facebook to post a picture of a living room with snakes somewhere inside – challenging Facebook users to try and find them.


The post attracted hundreds of comments from folk certain they had found the hidden serpents.

One social media snake hunter wrote:

Is there 3? 1 on the table, 1 next to the TV unit and 1 in the ceiling?

Another commented:

Three look like carpet snakes while two look like tree snakes? Possibly 6th snake coming under lounge next to white thingy.

Eventually the professionals revealed a new photo of the room with two Brown Tree snakes snakes circled. And you know what – even with them circled I’m struggling to see them.


Brown Tree snakes carry a mildly poisonous venom which can help them on their quest for food and can cause humans some severe symptoms which require help to breathe.

Australia, you have got to be the nopest country on Earth when it comes to creatures great and small.