Canadian Family’s Faithful Goose Finds His Way Home After Being Snatched By Fox

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Jul 2020 15:55
Carla Shymko

After a family’s goose was snatched by a fox, they didn’t think they would ever see him again. But, by means of a miracle, their feathered friend found his way home. 


Steve the goose and his sister Lulu became a huge part of the Shymko family, from Saskatchewan, Canada, after they took the geese under their wings nine years ago, and soon realised the pair had big personalities – Steve in particular.

Carla Shymko, Steve’s human mum, found that he would follow her around the yard and hardly left her side. Steve and Lulu even slept next to the family dogs, and would always be the first ones to greet anyone coming to their house.

SteveSteveCarla Shymko/The Dodo

After making quite the impact on the Shymko family’s lives, it was understandable that they were left devastated when Carla went out one morning to find that Steve wasn’t there.


Confused as to where he had gone, Carla noticed a pile of white feathers on the ground, which caused her to expect the worst.

Despite this, Carla refused to give up on Steve and took to a local, online Facebook group for lost and found pets. She was worried people think she was crazy for looking for a goose, but soon found people’s responses were quite the opposite.

CarlaCarlaCarla Shymko/The Dodo

She told The Dodo:

I thought people might think I’m crazy looking for a goose.

I ended up putting something on Moose Jaw Lost And Found Pets and a couple of other pages and honestly within an hour, I had hundreds of comments. The kindest people reached out to me. People offered to go driving around looking for him.

Following her online appeal, Carla received the heart-breaking information from a neighbour that they had seen a fox with a goose in its mouth down the road that morning.

Carla said, ‘We were devastated. Especially the thought of him being hurt badly and suffering was just so sad for us. He was such a huge part of our family and we were heartbroken.’

SteveSteveCarla Shymko/The Dodo

Thinking they had lost their feathered friend forever, Carla’s husband woke up the next day to a tapping noise coming from their door. Much to his surprise, he discovered Steve there.

Speaking about the moment Steve returned home, Carla said:

Steve was waiting at our back sliding doors where he would always wait for me when I would go in the house. He was weak and laying down… gently pecking on the window trying to tell us he was home.

Despite being exhausted, Steve still plucked up enough energy to run into his mum’s arms when seeing Carla again.

For the first week or so after he returned home, Steve was ‘very weak and very scared’, but has since made a full recovery and returned to his usual self. Hooray for Steve!

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