Cardi B ‘Attacked By Cheetah’ On Music Video Set

Genius / YouTube

Cardi B was ‘attacked by a cheetah’ while shooting the music video for Bodak Yellow in Dubai.

In the video, Cardi can be seen sitting aside a cheetah and petting its head, however the video’s director, Picture Perfect, has explained that in an earlier scene, filmed before the cheetah was fed, the animal snapped and went for Cardi.


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Speaking to Genius, Picture Perfect explained:

It was my idea, I wrote it into the treatment. I just didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get a cheetah out there [in Dubai]. We got this cheetah from a sultan.

We shot this other scene that we didn’t use and… he attacked Cardi in it.

That was kind of crazy. We got [Cardi’s] spirits back up and then we shot this cheetah scene… This cheetah right here [tied up to a pillar] has eaten about six pounds of deer meat and he’s just calm.

You can watch the ghastly moment unfold in the below interview:

In the video, Cardi can be seen tugging on the leash of the cheetah, but in a split second the cat turns on Cardi and makes a slight jump.

At this Cardi is understandably petrified and shouts: 

Arghhhh. No no no no no no no no. Come hold him. Come hold him!

If you look closely at the above thumbnail, you can still see the fear engraved on Cardi’s eyes.

Whether it’s bravery or just absolute stupidity, she was quite happy to reshoot scenes with a different cheetah.

If that was me I wouldn’t be going anywhere near a cheetah again. Luckily they’re a rare sight in Manchester anyhow.