Cat Breaks Into Vet Clinic To Be Reunited With Her Kittens

Mill Road Vet Clinic/Facebook

The look on this mother cat’s face says it all.

A few weeks ago a box appeared on the doorstep of a New Zealand veterinary clinic containing four kittens and staff believed they had simply been abandoned.

Now that may have been true of the whoever owned the vulnerable felines but there was someone who was not willing to part with them so easily.

The kittens were estimated to be around three or four weeks old and in need of a loving home, so one of the veterinary nurses duly stepped up and took the youngsters home with her.

The following morning a tabby cat appeared at the door of the surgery, repeatedly trying to gain access to the building each time a customer opened the door.

The reoccurring break-in effort did not go unnoticed by staff who eventually relented and brought the cat into the building.

Finally two and two was put together when the cat was discovered to be carrying milk, and the mother’s determination not to give up on her babies was rewarded by an overdue reunion.

MUM & KITTENS REUNITED!!We have a heart-warming story for you this morning: Yesterday we found a box of kittens dumped…

Posted by Mill Road Vet Clinic on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kitten Update: Mummy-Cat & her kittens are being fostered by a family member of one of our staff, who lost their cat a while ago & Hills Pet Food have kindly sponsored them.

Posted by Mill Road Vet Clinic on Monday, October 19, 2015

Staff have drawn the conclusion that the mother too was abandoned and likely escaped from the box prior to the kittens being taken in, but all is well that ends well and the moggy family is currently being fostered until a permanent home is found.

Anyone who is interested in homing the cats best be prepared for a group package, or they could have those thoroughly unimpressed eyes staring at them outside their own front door.