Cat Causes Absolute Mayhem After Invading New York Yankees Game

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Cat Causes Absolute Mayhem After Invading New York Yankees Game@bbletter/Twitter/PA Images

A cat caused absolute havoc during a game between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles after it managed to get onto the pitch. 

The small feline could be seen pottering around the pitch during the game on Monday, August 2, before sprinting across the field to the opposite side.


Initially, the game continued but eventually the cat caused so much chaos that the game ground to a halt.

The animal was minding its own business until someone tried to approach it and, in true cat nature, it legged it whenever anyone got near.

Cat interrupts baseball game (@JomboyMedia/TwitteR)@JomboyMedia/Twitter

Now, cats are known for being stealthy and nimble, but this cat should be recruited by MI5.


Someone shared a clip of the ordeal on Twitter alongside the caption, ‘Yankee Stadium security chases a cat around the field for nearly four minutes and never gets its hands on what might be the most elusive animal that ever lived.’

In the video, several members of the stadium staff and security attempt to get the cat, but it successfully keeps eluding them.

Following their handful of failed attempts, fans watching the baseball game became invested in the ordeal and began to cheer the four-legged animal on whenever it got away.


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At one point, several members of staff had the cat cornered, but it ran through the legs of someone and got away once again.

Fortunately, this time the cat ran in the direction of an open gate and escaped through the exit.

Cat – 1, Yankees – 0.


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