Cat Chases Away Elephant That Wandered Into Garden

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Nov 2020 17:25
Cat Chases Away Elephant That Wandered Into GardenViral Press

A brazen cat proved that dogs aren’t the only ones who make good guard pets as it chased away an elephant that had wandered in to the garden of its home. 

The four-tonne beast was identified as a ‘nuisance’ elephant named Pai Salick, known by locals in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, for trampling on people’s gardens in search of food.


Pictures display how the 35-year-old elephant wandered in to one particular garden last night, November 17, only to be faced by another ferocious beast – the three-year-old feline, Simba.

Elephant wanders into gardens in ThailandViral Press

Despite the fact Pai Salick could have squashed Simba with a single step, the fearless cat squared up to the intruder. Clearly knowing not to mess with the brave creature, the elephant turned on his heels and scarpered.

Amnat Norasin, a local park ranger, said Pai Salick lives in the forest but he ‘often walks around the homes at night to look for food’, so those living in the area ‘know who he is.’


According to Norasin, Simba’s owner said his cat is ‘aggressive’ and doesn’t like other animals entering its territory, hence why it was so quick to stand up to the unwelcome visitor.

Cat stands up to elephant in gardenViral Press

Pai Salick is one of an estimated 2,000 elephants living in the wild in Thailand, while a similar number live in captivity. Though the wild elephants often spend their days roaming the deep jungle and protected national parks, there can be conflict when they come into contact with humans using the areas for farming or gathering food.

Though Simba didn’t appear to unleash its claws on Pai Salick this time, hopefully the elephant will know to steer clear from its house in the future.


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