Cat Dies After Being Sprayed In Face With Yellow Paint

by : Emily Brown on : 24 May 2019 18:32
Cat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintCat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintCEN

A cat has tragically died after being sprayed in the face with waterproof yellow paint. 


The 13-year-old feline, named Miggeli, lived with her owner Sina Kunz close to the French border in Biel-Benken, Switzerland, but on Saturday (May 18) she ventured out of the house and was targeted by a malicious attacker.

As soon as the pet returned home, Kunz noticed she was covered in strange yellow liquid.

The owner recalled the moment she first saw Miggeli, explaining:

Her entire body and especially her face were sprayed with waterproof yellow paint.

cat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintcat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintCEN

Kunz did her best to save the helpless cat, but after being sprayed with the paint poor Miggeli slipped into a critical condition, with no hope of recovering.

The 13-year-old sadly died three days after the attack.

Kunz reported the incident to the police, and is convinced whoever sprayed Miggeli is the same animal abuser who had been recently operating in the area.

The supposed attacker is alleged to have tortured animals three times in the past week, and Miggeli’s owners believe their cat was an easy target due to her age.

Cat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintCat dies after being sprayed with yellow paintCEN

The other attacks which have been reported in the area include a cat called Haxli, aged six, who had almost all of her fur shaved off, as well as having her claws and whiskers cut off.

A vet reportedly examined Haxli, and said the fur looked as though it was cut off with scissors and then shaved with a razor.


On Sunday, the day after Miggeli returned home covered in paint, a one-year-old male cat called Gringo was found with his two front legs and jaw broken, having also been shaved.

His horrified owner said it appeared his legs had been broken with a pair of pliers.

Spray paint canSpray paint canPixabay

Speaking to local media, a vet said:

A normal person would not do something like that… I think whoever did this really needs some serious help.

A police spokesman has explained they are investigating all three incidents. However, they added the paint attack on Miggeli had happened around seven kilometres away from where the other two cats were attacked, potentially suggesting she was targeted by a different attacker.

Hopefully whoever is responsible for harming the animals will be found.

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