Cat Escorted Off Train After Being Caught Without A Ticket

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Oct 2020 18:21
Cat Escorted Off Train After Being Caught Without A Ticket Douyin/4999656/TikTok

One poor moggy has learned the hard way that there’s no such thing as a free ride after being marched from a train carriage.

The amusing scene was captured on Sunday, October 11 by a passenger travelling in the north-western Chinese region of Inner Mongolia. The cat, whose name is unknown, could be seen being walked from the carriage by a no-nonsense ticket inspector.


The sight of its little back paws tapping shamefully along the floor during its forced removal has tickled cat and dog lovers alike, with many sympathising with the naughty – or skint – feline.

You can watch the little stowaway in action for yourself below:


Sharing the footage via TikTok, the amateur nature videographer described the furry passenger as a ‘silly cat’, jesting:


[It] refused to make up the ticket and [was] forced to get off the bus.

Now, there could have well been other reasons why cat was told to sling its hook. It could have been meowing too loudly in the silent cabin, or spreading itself out across two reserved seats and refusing to move.

However, it does look like quite a good cat so I can’t imagine it got up to too much mischief before it was shown the door. Either way, people have fallen tail over whiskers for this unlucky traveller.

One person commented, ‘Hahaha this is too adorable. Look at the way it was walking with choppy steps,’ while another remarked, ‘The cat must thought it could pay for a ticket with its overloading cuteness.’

cat Douyin/4999656/TikTok

Not much is known about the cheeky cat, or where it is headed to next. Some believe it to be a stray, however others have noted that it looked too neat and well kept, suggesting it might well be somebody’s beloved pet who has ended up getting lost.

As one worried person noted:

The cat is very well-groomed, it’s definitely a pet cat. A stray cat would not even let you touch it, let alone being held. I think it was either lost or dumped by its owner. Did they just leave it there at the train station?

The video might have made people laugh online, but in reality, the cat is probably still living on the streets.


As per dog-friendly travel site Travelnuity, pets are not permitted to travel inside regular train carriages in China with the exception of guide dogs.

Sadly for cats who like to travel in comfort and style, pets are only permitted to be aboard a train if they are consigned as checked luggage, as is the case when flying in the hold of a plane. Unfortunately, this cat did not get the memo…

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