Cat Has Tail Shaved For Surgery And Now It Looks Like A Giant Penis

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Cat Has Tail Shaved For Surgery And Now It Looks Like A Giant Penis@Donsutherland97/Twitter

Here’s your question of the day: do you know what a cat’s tail looks like shaved?

A cat without a coat isn’t too jarring a sight. For example, you get Sphynx cats, as seen in that iconic episode of Friends.


However, what happens if you take your everyday house cat, and shave its tail? The result is considerably more cock-like than you’re probably expecting.

Check out the video below: 


The cute ginger cat, named Aslan, recently had surgery – hence the shaved tail, and he’s been stirring up quite a storm on Twitter. The video was posted by Don Sutherland on Thursday, November 21, and it’s already racked up more than 820,000 views (and it’s still going, rapidly).


In response to going viral, Don told UNILAD he’s ‘kind of blown away, I’ve never had something go viral like this before’.

There’s no two ways about it: in that video, that cat’s tail looks unmistakably like a pale penis (especially when it flicks up as the pet starts to walk).

Don helped to explain why Aslan’s tail was shaved: 


He got in a fight, and they had to fix up the tip of his tail. It wasn’t too bad, only the tip was effected, I’m not sure why they shaved the entire thing. We’ll be keeping him indoors from now one, and all the vets said was he’ll be fine in about a week.

When Don first looked at Aslan’s tail after surgery, the initial reaction was ‘mostly confusion, it was chubbier than I thought’. At the time, his nephew said it looked like a sausage.

Well, he certainly wasn’t kidding – one user wrote: ‘You just ruined my fave activity which is stroking my cat’s tail… it will never be the same.’


At the time of writing, Don’s tweet has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times and has already amassed more than 70,000 likes, with viewers flocking to express their surprise, laughter and horror and the cat’s phallic feature.

One user wrote: ‘Sorry but the day my cats tail looks like a light-skin Snickers bar is when i decide to leave social media.’

Another wrote: ‘I don’t know what I thought a cat’s tail looked like under the fur… but it wasn’t that.’


People have repeatedly asked Don in the replies why the tail is ‘so stumpy’, to which he answered: ‘The surgery was that they removed the tip that’s why it’s stumpy lmao.’

The main thing is that Aslan is absolutely fine after surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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Don Sutherland/Twitter
  1. Don Sutherland/Twitter