Cat Hotel Lets Guests Live And Play With Kittens Before They Adopt

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Cat Hotel Lets You Watch Kittens Play Right Outside Your WindowNeco Republic

When it comes to choosing hotels, everyone has different things they’re looking for, whether it’s a sea view balcony or a fully stocked mini fridge.

But what if I told you you could book into a hotel specifically for people who love cats?


It sounds purrrrfect, right? Well, it gets even better.

Cat Hotel Lets You Watch Kittens Play Right Outside Your WindowNeco Republic

Instead of looking out of a window onto a beach, or a pool or even a bustling city centre, you can look out onto an adorable cat play centre, meaning you can lie in bed and look at pretty little kitties all day and night.

The hotel, called Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago, can be found in Osaka in Japan, and is the ultimate kitten lover’s dream.


The cats’ play area is located at the back of the hotel, adjacent to the hotel guests’ sleeping spaces, which means every single room has a prime view of the furry creatures.

Each room has privacy curtains which guests can close, but the windows have beams running between them so guests won’t be able to see into anyone else’s room.

Cat Hotel Lets You Watch Kittens Play Right Outside Your WindowNeco Republic

The hotel even offers up a selection of radio controlled toys that allow guests to play with the kitties, even from the other side of the glass.


But for those cat lovers wanting to get up close and personal with the furry friends, every hotel guest is given a two-hour voucher for the cat café, with 3,000 yen (around £20) to spend on refreshments. Hotel guests can even use the voucher before or after the café’s regular opening hours, meaning you’d no doubt get even more kitty attention.


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The hotel is managed by Neco Republic, a Japanese animal welfare company, and all the cats are rescue animals who are looking for new homes.

It’s hoped that guests will want to take a kitty home with them after staying for a few days and seeing if their personalities match up with one of the animals.

Cat Hotel Lets You Watch Kittens Play Right Outside Your WindowNeco Republic

Neko Hatago opened its doors today, December 16, and you can book in your stay here.

And why wouldn’t anyone want to adopt an adorable little cat after research proved felines bond with their owners more than dogs do.

Researchers from Oregon State University placed 70 adorable little kittens between the ages of three and eight months in a room with their caregivers for two minutes before leaving them alone for two minutes. They were then reunited with their caregivers, with researchers having observed their behaviour throughout each of these three stages.

Cat Hotel Lets You Watch Kittens Play Right Outside Your WindowPexels

More than 60% of the kitties demonstrated a secure attachment style; meaning they became distressed when the caregiver left the room while showing a healthy balance of attachment and exploration upon their return.

Let’s hope the cat hotels offers up forever homes for the gorgeous kittens so they can form this bond too.

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