Cat Owner Shows How To Find Out If Your Pet Is Smart Or Not

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Jun 2021 16:47
Cat Owner Shows How To Find Out If Your Pet Is Smart Or Notlololovy.ly/TikTok

Want to put your pet to the test? A TikToker has shared a way to discover if they’re smart or not. 

Disclaimer: this’ll pretty much only work for pet-owners with animals with four legs – sorry if you wanted to find out how intelligent your fish was. Also, it probably won’t work for a hamster, gerbil or equivalent creature.


Whether it’s a cat or dog, our loveable, furry best pals can act like right goofs at the best of times. If you’ve ever wondered how smart they really are, we’ve got something you can try at home.


Shared by Lauren (@lololov.ly) on TikTok, it’s super simple: lift your pet around their torso and front legs, move it towards a wall, and if it stops itself with its paws, it’s a smart cookie. If it just allows itself to be smooshed up against the wall, it’s not the brightest pet around (not that that should change anything).

The clip has already been viewed nearly 19 million times. Out of Lauren’s three cats, Pip and Ember managed to put their paws up to the wall, while Penelope accepted being pushed against it.

Penelope didn't quite get the challenge. (lololovy.ly/TikTok)lololovy.ly/TikTok

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Naturally, Penelope has received the most love, with some users describing her as their ‘spirit animal’ and spitting out their coffee and how funny the video is.

‘Leave Penelope alone, she is trying,’ one user wrote. ‘Penelope wanted to become one with the house and she shouldn’t be judged for doing so,’ another commented.

There’s also the chance it’s just luck and doesn’t measure anything. But hey, who knows?


Featured Image Credit: lololovy.ly/TikTok

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