Cat Wins Army Of Fans With Its Incredible Skateboarding Skills

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Nov 2020 18:29

In a world full of scandals, controversies and fake news, there’s one thing we can always rely on the internet for one thing: good, old-fashioned cat content. 

The ‘animal on a skateboard’ video is perhaps a cliché of internet entertainment, but it’s one that proves timeless. The latest four-legged star to take the spotlight is a white Himalayan cat named Yeti, who lives in Vancouver with owners Kylee Kimler and Randy Price.


Yeti made his first appearances on TikTok and Instagram this week when his owners began posting videos of the cat dancing, playing with his owners, and just generally hanging out around the house.

Among his other antics, Yeti had one particular skill that stood out to viewers – check it out below:


Price was filming the cat one day when Yeti suddenly pushed a skateboard before hopping on for the ride. Kimler turned to see the cat gliding past her and asked, ‘Did he just do that by himself?’


Yeti had obviously been hiding his skills until that moment, but he hasn’t been able to stop showing off since. His owners have now shared multiple videos showing the cat rolling around on the skateboard, and fans can’t get enough.

Videos of the fluffy feline have amassed thousands of views on TikTok, as well as hundreds of followers on Yeti’s very own Instagram page.

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Social media users have branded the cat ‘awesome’, with some saying they’re ‘obsessed’ with the videos of him showing off his skills.

Viewers have compared Yeti to pro-skater Tony Hawk, while others have incorporated him into Avril Lavigne lyrics,  writing, ‘He was a skater cat, said cya later cat’.

When he’s not showing off his killer skills on the board, Yeti can be seen hanging out in a range of random places including a suitcase, a frying pan, and his dad’s shoulders.

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The cat’s owners appear to have been having a lot of fun with Yeti’s new-found fame, with one video showing Price waking up Yeti, placing him on a skateboard and joking that it was ‘time to make [them] more money’.

Yeti has made clear that although he is a small cat, he is ‘going to do big things’, and his fans couldn’t agree more. Some have already encouraged the feline to take things up a notch by trying out a kickflip on his board, while others have expressed plans to teach their own pets similar tricks.

Keep doing you, Yeti!


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