Cecil The Lion’s Brother Found Dead, Foul Play Investigated

pa-29056405Jericho the lion - PA Images

The brother of Cecil the lion has been found dead at the same park where Cecil himself was shot and killed. 

Jericho’s body was found under a bush in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and authorities are now investigating the cause of his death, although preliminary reports indicate that he died of natural causes.

A spokesperson for Hwange National Park, Caroline Washaya-Moyo explained to the Daily Mail that although there are no signs the  big cat was shot or snared, the fact he’s such a high profile animal means there are concerns over his death.

pa-26762235Cecil the lion - PA Images

Tissue samples from the lion’s body have been sent off for analysis to work out the exact cause of death and the lion’s head was also removed and placed in storage to protect it from trophy hunters.

Jericho’s body was found in a shaded resting area leading researchers to claim that ‘the way in which the carcass was positioned when found suggest the lion died while resting at the point’.


The death of Cecil caused international outrage last year after he was shot and killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota who paid £31,00 to kill the animal.

Mr Palmer was later pictured next to the lifeless body of Cecil leading to public outcry over the illegal killing.