Chernobyl Is Home To Adorable Puppies You Can Adopt

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 10 Jun 2019 15:32
Chernobyl Is Home To Adorable Puppies You Can AdoptDogs of Chernobyl/GoFundMe

HBO and Sky’s Chernobyl has been making waves since its release last month, thanks to its deeply moving and terrifying depiction of the 1986 disaster and its fallout, but one episode in particular really struck a nerve with animal lovers.

Episode four of the highly rated series showed a team of Soviet soldiers who travelled back into the irradiated city of Pripyat to kill any pet dogs left behind by families, in a bid to prevent them from contaminating others.


It’s absolutely devastating, and one of the lesser-known tragedies of the disaster, but 30 years on people are trying to help the dogs of Chernobyl.

Rather astoundingly, it turned out some of the dogs survived and have even interbred with feral wolves in the 1,000 square mile exclusion zone. People visiting the zone have been warned not to pet the animals over fears of radioactive contamination, but now a non-profit group are fighting to help the left behind pooches.

The Clean Futures Fund (CFF) is a US humanitarian aid organisation helping the stray dogs of Chernobyl, rescuing them and finding forever homes.


Most recently, members of the organisation visited Chernobyl on June 3, in partnership with SPCA International. The dogs they rescued are being treated for radiation poisoning, as well as being vaccinated for rabies and being sprayed and neutered. Now, they’re hoping the survivors can be adopted into loving forever homes.

CFF co-founder Lucas Hixson told Vice last year:

The biggest consideration should be given to the fact that these dogs have not had any real socialisation before coming to our rescue shelter.

They don’t understand the concept of a toy. The only things they like to play with are sticks and things to eat. We have developed a special training program for the puppies while they are in the adoption shelter, but they will likely still need a little extra love to reach their full potential.


Let’s hope these doggos, who have defied the odds to survive, can find forever homes with people who are willing to put in the time and care they need and deserve.

Chernobyl aired each week on Sky Atlantic and HBO. HBO Home Entertainment will digitally release Chernobyl as of June 24.

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