Chester Zoo Is Hiring Someone To Look After Giraffes And Rhinos


If cats and dogs don’t quite do it for you, and you feel like you’re destined to work with animals but just haven’t quite yet found your calling, we might have found the perfect job for you.

Chester Zoo are on the prowl for a Keeper to join their team. More specifically, they need a Keeper for the rhinos and giraffes.

Imagine having a job looking after those massive creatures. You might need to be able to handle yourself, as these guys are not small, and definitely not tame, but once you get to know them then, well, just think what it would be like getting a hug from a giraffe! That’s what happens when you’re a zoo keeper, right?

Of course, they’re not going to let just anyone play work with the animals.

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To be considered for the job, you’ll obviously need some experience relevant to working in a zoo, but with most offices feeling like a cage full of animals, I’m sure there are transferrable skills.

As the job description says:

We currently have an exciting opportunity for a Keeper to join our hoof stock sections. For the right candidate, this post offers a fantastic opportunity to work with a wide variety of mammal species ranging from Black and Greater One Horned Rhinos, Giraffes as well as Grevy’s Zebra, Onager and a range of Bovid’s, Deer and Antelope [sic].

So it’s not just rhinos and giraffes, but a whole host of hoofed animals that would easily fill a considerable chunk of Noah’s arc.

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To apply for the role, the right person should have:

A HND or degree level qualification in a zoological related science or equivalent experience

Proven experience in the care and management of a variety of large mammal species in a zoo or safari park setting, including rhinos, as well as the highest standards of exhibitry

Outstanding observational skills with excellent attention to detail

Experience of operant conditioning and implementing environmental enrichment

Experience of working within strict Safe Working Practices

A full driving licence valid in the UK

They also ‘offer a range of amazing benefits’ which can be found at the Chester Zoo jobs page.

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As if hanging out with awesome animals all day wasn’t good enough, conservation and protection is an increasingly important job as the world’s giraffe population is steadily decreasing due to trophy hunting.

The giraffe population of sub-Saharan Africa has depleted by a devastating 40 per cent since 1985. There are now only 97,500 of these beautiful creatures remaining.

Conservationists recently put forward a formal request to the US government for giraffes to be registered as endangered and to provide protection. It is hoped this will help prevent their ‘silent extinction’ before it is too late.

Being granted endangered species status would place restrictions on American hunters who want to go to Africa to bring back a hunted giraffe.

You can apply to Chester Zoo here. The giraffes need us more than ever!

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