Chester Zoo Needs Someone To Look After All The Giraffes


Fancy a change of career? Want something a bit different from your humdrum day job? Then why not apply for the role of giraffe keeper at Chester Zoo? 

Chester Zoo is looking for a new dedicated zookeeper to care for the giraffes at the park.

The job will involve supervising students and volunteers, working alongside keepers to care for all the giraffes’ daily needs, and maintaining the exhibit for the animals and the visitors.


Before you go digging out your CV though you’ll need a few specific qualifications. You didn’t think they’d let you look after a wild animal without some qualifications, did you?

So what do you need? Well, you must have a Higher National Diploma or degree in a zoological related science or equivalent experience.

You’ve also got to have extensive knowledge in animal husbandry and management with a focus on giraffe or okapi, as well as an experience of working in a zoo or safari park setting.

Other than that you need the usual nonsense that everyone has, or at least claims to have on their CV. You know ‘creative’, ‘team player’ with ‘strong communication skills’ and a full driver’s license.

Looking after giraffes pays £23,148.51 a year, and you’ll be working 40 hours per week, 10 days out of 14 including weekends and bank holidays as rostered.


If you think working weekends and bank holidays is a bit harsh don’t worry Chester Zoo claim you’ll receive extensive benefits if your application is successful.

The deadline for applications is January 21, 2018 and you can apply by clicking here.