Chunky Dog Put On Diet After Getting Stuck In Doggy Door

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Chunky Dog Put On Diet After Getting Stuck In Doggy DoorCharmaine Hulley/Facebook

An adorably chunky dog has been put on a diet after he ended up getting stuck in his doggy door.

Two years ago, Drax was just skin and bone after being rescued from a life on the streets. He was spotted outside a supermarket in a small Australian town a couple of years back, looking frightened and uncared for.


However, fast forward a few years and Drax is a truly pampered pooch, living a happy life in his forever home with owner Charmaine Hulley.

dogCharmaine Hulley

It was Charmaine’s sister who found Drax and, after some persuading, she managed to convince her husband to let her bring him home.

Charmaine, from Queensland, told UNILAD:


His toenails were ground right down from constantly walking and he had callouses on his body from laying on hard surfaces and was missing all of his front teeth except his canines.

Once Charmaine’s sister brought him home, Drax wouldn’t even look at anyone or eat, and looked completely ‘terrified’.

Kind-hearted Charmaine, who lived with her sister at the time, decided to take him on as her own, sorting out his health requirements and helping him put some much-needed weight back on.

dogCharmaine Hulley

After meeting her partner Taylor, Charmaine ended up moving four hours to be with him, taking Drax with her, as well as three other small dogs and another puppy she’d rescued just the week before.

When Charmaine headed back to live with her mum for a few months for personal reasons, Drax ended up piling on a few more pounds, which became very apparent when Taylor and the other dogs came over for a weekend visit.

While playing with the other dogs, Drax ended up getting stuck in the doggy door, with hilarious pictures showing the poor boy wandering around with the door wedged around his waist.

According to Charmaine, Taylor works long hours, so he had ended up feeding him ‘a lot of human food, steak and KFC’ in Charmaine’s absence. He’s now under ‘strict instructions’ to cut Drax’s food back and get him back on normal dog food.

dogCharmaine Hulley

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The doggy door at Charmaine’s mum’s house is intended for little dogs. However, the door at Charmaine and Taylor’s house, which is a bit more forgiving around the midriff, is also said to be getting a bit snug.

Charmaine told UNILAD:

I’m still at my mum’s and he’s gone back with Taylor and he says his cutting his food down, but I really don’t know if he is or just saying it…


Charmaine has since shared the photos of Drax’s dilemma on the brilliant Dogspotting Facebook group, with the caption ‘Diet time…’, and people have fallen in love with his beautiful smile and relatable appetite.

dogCharmaine Hulley

Reflecting on Drax’s sweet personality, Charmaine said:

He’s the most placid dog I’ve ever met. He loves everyone and you can just put him anywhere and there’s no separation anxiety or anything.

In two years, I’ve heard him bark twice. He doesn’t cause any trouble, everyone loves him. He’s so sweet and just spoilt rotten now.

Good luck on the diet, Drax!

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