Circuses Have Been Banned From Using Elephants In New York State


This is an announcement which seems pretty long overdue, but nonetheless, New York State has banned circuses from using elephants.

There’ll be no more of the magnificent creatures being used for entertainment under the big top in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo, of the Democrats, signed a bill into law which prohibits it.

With elephants being highly intelligent, emotional, and social creatures, it’s insane humans would break their spirits and use them for mere entertainment.

Cuomo tweeted:

Today I signed legislation banning the use of elephants in entertainment acts. Elephants will no longer be subjected to this cruel abuse.

The governor’s signature comes about four months after the New York City Council voted to ban circuses from using any wild animals in their acts.

New York circuses have been under mounting pressure to stop using using elephants from animal rights groups as well as the public.


Jim Davis, executive director of Stellar Entertainment Group, told The Poughkeepsie Journal:

They’re not beaten or prodded; it’s voice command and hand command.

The group produce the Garden Bros. Circus which is touring in New York and had to leave its elephants in Pennsylvania because of the coming ban.

Proportionally, the elephant’s brain is the most sizeable, at a mass of just over 5kg and according to Elephants Forever, the need for such a large and complex organ becomes clear when we consider the behaviours and abilities of these animals.

Elephants are capable of such a wide range of complex emotions, including joy, playfulness, grief and mourning.

In addition, elephants are able to learn new facts and behaviours, mimic sounds they hear, self-medicate, perform artistic activities and display compassion and self-awareness.

This is a step in the right direction and soon, I hope we’ll stop using animal for entertainment fully.

Better late than never!