Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 Releases Entries To Cheer You Up

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 21 May 2020 14:44
Johan Siggesson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 has released some of the competition’s entries to help cheer you up, and they 100% do just that.


The hilarious photography competition is bound to make you smile; from a flamingo strutting its stuff to a lion cub getting sucker-punched to the face by its sibling, it’s just what you need to brighten up these gloomy days.

The competition website explains that the awards want to ‘recognise great photography’ as well as ‘raise the issue of conservation through a humourous, upbeat and positive association’ through the funny animal pictures.

Here’s a few of this year’s hilarious applications so far…

Anyone else imagine these two zebras doing a Peter Griffin-esque laugh here?

ZebrasZebras Tanvir Ali/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Surely this otter should be on a Herbal Essences advert of some kind?

OtterOtterDavid DesRochers/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

This little guy looks like he’s about to conduct an orchestra:

BugBugReynante Martinez/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

I think this owl may have had one too many glasses of Pinot…

OwlOwlAnthony Bucci/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

“Donald Trump said to do what with disinfectant?” 

SealSealJohan Siggesson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Sashay away.

FlamingoFlamingoTommy Mees/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

“I bet you can fit your whole paw in your mouth…”

“No, but I can fit it in yours.”

LionsLionsKlein Yarin/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

When your mum tells your brother off for something you did:

DeerDeerAlvin Tarkmees/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

“What do you mean I can’t do ‘the bend and snap’ lying down?”

BearBearJanet Miles/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Looks like there’s some good competition this year.


If you want to get involved you can do so for free, but entries close June 30 so don’t dilly-dally.

Still need a laugh? Here are some of last year’s winners.

This one was called ‘Grab life by the ….’ 

LionLionSarah Skinner/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

And you thought you were having a bad day.

RhinoRhinoTilakraj Nagaraj/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“No I won’t bloody calm down Derek!” 

BirdsBirdsVlado Pirsa/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

“Oh my Christ!” 

OtterOtterHarry Walker/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

If you want to find out more about entering this year’s awards, you can do so here.

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