Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Announced And They Are Spectacular

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Announced And They Are SpectacularKen Jensen/Chee Kee Teo/

The finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced, and as always, the pictures don’t disappoint.

The unique awards have been putting smiles on people’s faces for the past six years, and each year the entries just get better and better.


From smiling squirrels and embarrassed polar bears, to finger-flipping turtles and photo-bombing giraffes, there isn’t anything that these photography awards haven’t seen.

Tom Sullam, co-founder of the awards, was worried that the pandemic would affect the number of this year’s applications, but lots of people still put forward their entertaining pictures.

Photographer Pexels)Pexels

Tom told Bored Panda in May, ‘With the pandemic continuing to affect world travel again this year, we thought that we might receive less entries than usual, but surprisingly we have had a great response so far and particularly with the ‘In the Air’ category, we have received hundreds of brilliant bird images.’


‘Maybe the fact that we have all spent more time at home recently and the lack of travel has meant more people are noticing wildlife closer to home, just outside their kitchen windows – which is fantastic,’ he continued.

Four months later, the finalists have now been announced.

There are a whopping 42 finalists in total, but we’ll just show you some of our personal favourites.

First up is a musically-talented prairie dog, which looks undeniably like it’s playing a tune for its furry friends.

Music playing rodent (Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)Roland Kranitz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Next up is a confused-looking bird, which resembles many people’s partners when asked what happened to the last bar of chocolate in the fridge.

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsDawn Wilson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Then there’s the trio of penguins who look like they’re about to initiate a scrap. Give them a couple of bucket hats and a Fred Perry jacket, and it looks like Manchester on a Saturday afternoon.

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsJoshua Galliki/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Another personal fave is this picture of a baby otter being dragged away by its mum.

We’ve all seen that viral interview of a guy who’s chatting to the BBC studio from his home, when his young children come into the room and are dragged away by his wife, right? Think that, but with otters.

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsChee Kee Teo/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Last but not least is a pigeon picture. Now, we all know pigeons aren’t the sharpest tools in the box, but evidently this bird was too dopey to shake off the leave on its face – that, or it’s purposely blockin’ out the haters.

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsJohn Speirs/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The winners will be announced on October 22, so watch this space.

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